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22 May

So what have I been doing while vacationing from coding?

First, I typeset a couple of small books of Doggerel poetry [published through and available from Lulu and Amazon. Deep Doggerel and Doggerel By the Pound. Both are funny and illustrated by me.

I’ve been on becoming a Pro Photographer. That’s not as easy as it sounds because it’s all pretty much free lance [contractor in software terms] but without the job shops and head hunters.

It’s surprising – amazing in fact – how different professional photography is from ameture. It’s more than just a change in equipment – it’s an entirely different set of skills.

In fact it’s a whole lot of different sets of skills – plus marketing, business, etc etc. Every one of these men and women have to know pretty much everything that you need to run a business – from sales to production to people management etc etc. It’s mind boggling – and just a little daunting.

Who knew.

My latest ‘side project’ has been typsetting books.

A friend had a book of poems he’d written on bar napkins over a 4 year period (before he joined AA). And he kept the damned things. Anyway, his favorite drinking friend died, so he dug them out of the trunk and transcribed them into a book. I set it using InDesign [same thing I used for our bad poetry], did the cover and he ‘published’ it at the local book store [Tattered Cover, Denver, CO – well known and respected locally] using their Espresso Book Machine [no joke. Google it]

It looks pretty good, so he decided he wants to republish another book he’s self-published, but it needs to be re-typeset in a better and larger font. So I just finished cutting and pasting his .doc file into InDesign for the rough layout.

Anybody need help publishing a book? Drop me an email and we can talk. I’m prepared to:

  • design and create a cover
  • create camera ready copy in the form of a PDF
  • I will set it in inDesign – which is a professional level print layout tool.
  • $75/hour – negotiable [footnotes are extra unless we can figure out an efficient way to do it]

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