Clove Technologies, Inc

22 May

Well – it’s official. I’m no longer on vacation from coding, I’ve quit.

After learning a lot about commercial photography, I’ve decided it’s a great field if you want to work hard, travel a lot, work with people, scrounge for clients, and bust your  butt keeping up with the technology. If you think that sounds a lot like writing code, you’re right except that in photography you have to lug a lot of heavy stuff around.

I figured that I could kind of do all that except lugging the heavy stuff around. I had enough of that when we milked cows – and before that when I was a kid on the ranch. As they used to say: been there, done that..

So I started something else: seriously writing fiction and screenplays. I don’t think I have a snowball’s chance in hell of selling a screenplay, but it’s really hard and fun and a great way to learn story construction. Prose fiction is probably more difficult to get right,  but I’m not good enough yet to know.

Then I noticed one day that I seem to have gotten old. I’d put a paid of money to Social Security, so now I’m taking some of it back. If I live long enough, I’ll break even.

For anyone who cares, here are some quick answers to some questions one of you might ask:

    • No, I don’t write code any more
    • No, I don’t typeset books except for friends (very good friends) who want to self publish
    • No, I don’t do photography any more except occasionally on social media
    • No, I don’t do business any more, unless you want to buy one of my stories
    • No, I don’t buy stuff or services from solicitations

Anything else, just ask.