What’s Clove Technologies, LLC?

Clove Tech is a Colorado LLC that I have run my various and varied business interests through.

I keep it up for three reasons:

  • Sentimental: I’ve owned the domain since ’93 or ’94. I got it back when all you had to do to get a domain or class C ip address block as email somebody and you’d get it, if it was available. I used to also own thru as well. ARIN seems to think I still do.
  • My email goes to <whoever>@clove.com. I’d hate to change that because then I’d have to remember a new email address.
  • It’s cool to have a short domain name!

 Here’s a sample of some of the stuff I’ve done in the past –

  • Custom Software for a few select clients. Everything from device drivers to intranet based applications. I used to be eelatively proficient in PHP, HTML, Python, CSS, (portable) SQL, & friends. Also proficient in, but a little rusty at, C, various assembler languages, UNIX-y things (awk, shell, etc). Can read, but hate to write Javascript and Ruby. Didn’t do any uSoft stuff – at all
  • Linux & (small scale) AIX administration. Used to set up systems, database engines, web servers, change disk drives and all that rot. Don’t do that any more.
  • Written and abandoned (several times, in fact) a CMS system. This has been educational, but proven impossible to complete and to compete against larger open source projects. The rub is, my latest version is about 40,000 lines long and “there’s just one more bug” (all the time). In contrast, Drupal is around 1/2 Million lines and has international support. One guy can’t get something competitive done before it’s out of date.
  • Produced and attempted to sell digital art – some based on photographs and other stuff just out of thin air. That didn’t work.
  • Before that I did Inertial Navigation analysis, worked as a programmer, taught Computer Science at SUNY at New Paltz, co-founded an Miller/Howard Investments, Inc with Lowell Miller, milked cows for a few years.
  • I grew up splitting time between the suburbs and a ranch in Wyoming two miles from the nearest neighbor. I’m pretty much socially inept and semi recluse.

I’m now taking the ‘writing’ cure – writing screenplays and short fiction. So far I can’t produce anything anyone wants to buy.

Quick answers:
 – I don’t write code any more
 – I don’t typeset books except for friends (very good friends) who want to self publish
 – I don’t do photography any more
 – I don’t do business any more
 – I don’t buy stuff or services from solicitations

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